Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Starting Our Picnic Adventures!

So, we have two different dictionaries in our home and each has a slightly different definition for a picnic.  What they have in common is both state a picnic is a meal eaten outdoors.  This opens a picnic up to many, many different activities such as hiking, camping, tailgating, park adventures, and simply backyard entertainment (just to mention a few).
Picnic  Definitions:
     An excursion in which members of a group eat a meal outdoors.
     Word History:  The word picnic is most probably derived from French pique-nique, whose origin is not known with absolute certainty.  The word seems to have originated in the 18th century, when it referred to a mean for which each guest contributed a dish to be served.  At some point, it became common to hold such parties outdoors and by the 19th century picnic referred to any open-air meal.
     A pleasure outing at which a meal is eaten outdoors.
Recently, we started basic picnicking and are enjoying it tremendously!  Whether we pack a picnic basket or simply stop for drive-thru food and head to a park, the change of scenery and environments add to the enjoyment of spending time with those who mean the most to you.
Spur of the moment picnics with the grand kids are always a big hit!  Even if all we do is take food to a table outside on the property, the change in scenery seems to make it an “event” versus a meal.  We talk, everyone shares food stuffs, and laughter is the theme of the picnic.
 The quality time you spend with family and friends is genuinely appreciated and enjoyed by all!  There’s something about being outdoors while you eat that is nostalgic and almost therapeutic.  It seems that when food and drink appear outside, everyone relaxes and has a great time!  
The first picnic with the grand kids, we simply emptied all the “snacks” and miscellaneous foods that end up last on the list (if other items are there to pic from), threw them into the picnic basket, and headed for the park.  Items like whole fruit, canned fruits, and dried fruits (raisins, apples, apricots) and juice boxes or water bottles are perfect and do not require refrigeration.  Throw in some nuts, pretzels and/or chips and your picnic is ready.  It was perfect, no grilling necessary, and lots of fun for everyone!
I will say that it’s nice to have an outfitted picnic basket handy.  It makes planning a lot easier when everything you need is in one place.  Grab the basket, throw in the basic food stuffs and off you go!
We are now going to enter the “cooler” phase of picnicking and include items that require refrigeration.  I’ve shopped around and there are a number of “equipped” coolers available nowadays.  I just need to find one that my basket fits inside for storage and we’ll be ready for our next adventure at picnicking – refrigerated food stuffs!
We might even move on to portable grills for more food options. . . . .one never knows!  Grab some family and/or friends and get your picnic on!  I’m sure you’ll enjoy every minute and it’ll be remember as quality time that deserves being remembered.

Sera Bean

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Starting Our Picnic Adventures! So, we have two different dictionaries in our home and each has a slightly different definition for a picn...